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Before downloading or using this product, make sure you understand and accept the terms of the license.

After downloading, make sure to follow the install instructions or upgrading instructions below.


This plugin defines an additional template function such that you can display more than one wiki page at a time on any given document.

The plugin also exports a function for use with your template, so you will have to insert the following code into your template, somewhere inside of the <head></head> tags.

Typically you'll want to do this for any PHP (or HTML) files containing the string "<head>"; at a minimum you can do just main.php. 1)

<?php if (file_exists(DOKU_PLUGIN.'displaywikipage/code.php')) include_once(DOKU_PLUGIN.'displaywikipage/code.php'); ?>

Note: Inserting the code above is required, not optional.

To display a wiki page at any point in your document, use the following code:

<?php if (function_exists('dwp_display_wiki_page')) dwp_display_wiki_page(":path:to:page"); ?>

Doing it in this fashion will allow your users to use the template whether or not you have the plugin installed.


As a plugin all you need to do is unpack the file into the lib/plugins/ directory (you should end up with a lib/plugins/displaywikipage folder.)


To upgrade, remove the original lib/plugins/displaywikipage folder, and install the new version as instructed above.

What's New

February 15, 2007

  • Cleaner rewrite, but nothing new otherwise.

The problem regarding ACL is something broken in the DokuWiki source; it's nothing on my end. I've reported it, and there's not much else I can do from here.

November 18, 2006

  • Display Wiki Page now honors page permissions for read. Thanks anonymous.

August 23, 2006

  • Initial release
If you only do main.php though you'll miss some types of pages (like upload file), so I suggest searching for head tags through all the php files in a template to make sure you get them all.
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