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Welcome to my website. The main purpose of this site is to provide information to those with an interest in math and programming, with a heavy influence towards simulation and game design. All topical information is located in the Projects and articles section on this site. New information is posted in the News section (which is the main page.)

About the Author

I have my BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida and am currently living in Los Angeles, California, working as a Senior iOS Developer for a large advertising firm.

I have a great interest in all areas of mathematics, and have a real desire to incorporate radically new ideas into the area of software production.

My interest when it comes to "software engineering" is in the area of simulation, particularly on non-pc devices. Essentially this means games, emulators, and the like, on console systems. And although this might make me out to be simply a hobbyist console coder, that's not the whole story. I have worked in video game development in a commercial sense as well. (Not to mention wargame simulation and as an independent contractor for government and other applications.)

I also play DDR occasionally– and between the years 2003 through 2009, I held 7/8ths of all the top scores in the Brevard County area of Florida. It's a great aerobic workout, but it does eat up spare cash fairly quickly, so I haven't been playing so much recently.

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For any questions, please contact me at tjgrant [at] tatewake [dot] com.

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