I have my BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida and am currently living in Los Angeles, California, working freelance in iOS / iPhone / iPad development. I have also written several freeware and shareware software applications that you will find linked below.

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[#] Puzzle de Quince!
Puzzle de Quince! is a classic childhood sliding tile puzzle game for iPhone and iPad.

[#] O3D API, an Open Source framework by Google
Contributed the ArcBall codebase used for 3D navigation.

[#] Monobook for DokuWiki
I created the "Wikipedia" look and feel theme, used by the majority of users. Currently maintained by Andreas Haerter.

[#] BackupTool for DokuWiki
Created a backup/restore tool for DokuWiki used by the majority of users.

[#] Google Analytics for DokuWiki
Created a plugin for DokuWiki that integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics.

[#] Hostess
A command-line tool to block malicious websites regardless of installed browser.

[#] ArcBall Rotation Control, Revisited
Article detailing a method to use higher-dimensional mathematics for better 3D navigation.

[#] KempoMake
A makefile-based build system with the ability to target multiple platforms.

[#] Nascar Thunder 2002 by Electronic Arts
Responsible for hardware-specific code for PlayStation 2 and XBOX systems.

[#] Madden 2002 by Electronic Arts
Responsible for bug fixes and additional library functions.

[#] Hand-held Tracking System for Rockwell Collins Commercial Avionics
Inventory tracking system for use on hand-held scanning devices.

[#] JSIMS (Joint Simulation Software) by SAIC
Created networking pipeline for Java / C++ interaction adhering to Government guidelines and transmission standards.

[#] Inventory Tracking System for Adidas America
Integrated a receivables tracking system to optimize assembly line workflow.

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